I just wanted to let you know I have been having a lot of pain in my right hip when walking for over a year now.  I went to my regular Chiropractor and he did not help me.  I went to another Chiropractor who was highly recommended.  I knew it might take a few adjustments to fix it,  he did give me a little relief for a short time, but it was never corrected.  The pain usually came back by the time I left the office.  I came to you for a massage and you worked on my hip for one half hour.  It has been six hours now, and I have been pain free and my hip feels like it should.  I may get the x-rays you recommended tomorrow to see if there is a bone spur.  But, as of tonight, I couldn't be happier with what you did for me.  It has been a long time since I have been able to say "my hip feels good".  Thank you Teri for your talented healing hands.

Jane S.Peterson, IA



I recently went into Teri's office for a visit and decided while I was there to pamper myself with a massage.  I decided on  a foot massage since I have had foot and leg pain lately.  This was the first professional foot massage that I have had..and definitely not the last.  Teri was wonderful!!  She really knows what she is doing.  There are lots of pressure points on your feet that can affect the different parts of your body...so when your feet hurt your whole body can hurt.  Teri hit all the right points on my feet...I was walking on air when I left the office.  My legs even felt great..and the great feeling lasted for days.  Before I left I had her do a quick hand massage also...you don't normally think of hands needing a massage but I had a stroke many years ago that left me with muscle loss in my hands and sometimes they get sore....massage has so many benefits...everyone should try it at some point...I know that I am going to treat myself again!!

Thanks Teri,

Peggy P.


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